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Vision, Mission and Strategic


"Become the Center for Information and Trading of Foodstocks in South East Asia."



  • Develop, implement dan manage all facilities¬ related to food stations.
  • Develop and implement a trading center for primary food commodities.
  • Develop, manage and improve services in Cipinang Primary Rice Market.
  • Procure, distribute, manage and ensure the stability of supplies, distribution and pricing of essential food commodities.
  • Manage and conduct general rice trading.
  • Develop foodstocks regions through cooperative alliances, to guarantee¬†rice supplies to the Cipinang Primary Rice Market.
  • Conduct a warehouse receipt system (Sistem Resi Gudang) to assist farmers to market their produce.


  • Safeguard the supply of rice to DKI Jakarta (at a price level affordable to society)
  • As an instrument (used by the Government) to control the price of rice in DKI Jakarta.
  • A Trading Center for rice and secondary crops in DKI Jakarta.
  • The largest Rice Market in Indonesia.
  • An entrepot for inter-island and inter-regional rice trading.
  • The price maker for the national rice market.
  • The rice stock buffer for DKI Jakarta and surrounding areas (Jabodetabek).
  • Information about the state of rice in the nation.