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President Director's Greeting

PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya, who has been serving the needs of DKI Jakarta for more than 40 years, managing the Cipinang Primary Rice Market, Warehouses, Retail Outlets and Distribution of foodstuffs, in particular rice. We now face a formidable challenge. PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya has been established as a Regional State Company (BUMD) by the Capital City Regional Government’s Decision Number 6 in 2014.

To ensure food security and to safeguard the stability of supplies and price levels in DKI Jakarta, Food Station has developed alliances with growers, foodstock suppliers and ranchers, in addition to a system of Warehouse Receipting (SRG).

Food Station is working hard now and in will continue so into the future, to insure the efficiency of management, operations and finance, based on Management Information Systems (MIS) and Good Corporate Governance policies and practices.

On behalf of the Directors and the Company, wer express our thanks to all the parties that have made the website possible.

President Director,

H. Arief Praestyo Adi, S.T., M.T.