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Our Logo

Philosophy of form

The form of rice/grain/leaf describing the scope of businesses PT. Food Station, namely marketing and trading of staple food stuff at DKI Jakarta area, outside DKI Jakarta as well as reached South-East Asia.


Three pieces form of rice/grain/leaf describing three main pillars of PT Food Station, namely:

  • Building food security in DKI Jakarta.
  • Building the unity of business namely networks, integrity and communication.
  • Building information, provide the best service, as information and trading centre of staple of foodstuff in DKI Jakarta untill Southeast Asia.


The form of rice/grain/leaf centralized in the middle (white colour) is PT Food Station symbol.


The form of rice/grain/leaf transformed from small to big, from under to above symbolize the optimism become the greatest company.


The shape of rice/grain/leaf is the intersection of three circles symbolizing the three basic pillars of PT Food Station.


Cycle shape on the base of the logogram symbolize that the cycle nonstop rotating symbolize the business dynamic of PT Food Station.


Philosophy of Colour

Color dark green is a color associated with the exploration of natural growth, fertility and harmony


Color light green: representing the shoots that grow and develop the mix of colors is emitting waves of energy that are different and have different effects. Thus, we believe that our company logos represents harmony, stability, balance and strong business development.


Font Type

Calibri Bold
Form FONTS provide meanings: officially PT Food Station, has professional scope of work and a good work ethic, and has the meaning of friendship with various backgrounds.


Font Colour: Black
its meaning is: readability, assertiveness and strength.