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Stock Rice, Adequate

2014 rice production forecast down graded will not interfere with the fulfillment of the national rice consumption. The Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) claim rice stocks sufficient for consumption decreased.

Harvest Next Year Could Generate 73 Tons of Rice

Directorate General of Food Crops optimistic to achieve the target of rice production in the next year as much as 73 tons. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), rice production in 2014 according to the forecast figure is expected to reach 70.61 million II tons of milled rice, decreased approximately 670,000 tons compared to last year's 60.7 million tons.

During October 2014 Rice Price Above HPP

Of the 189 observations of grain transactions during October 2014 in West Java, the entire transaction is above the Government Purchase Price (HPP).

Less Valid Data, Non-Rice Food Growing Private

The lack of data about the potential diversity of food in Indonesia, making the country is still heavily dependent on rice. Yet to achieve food sovereignty, the state must release the dependence on one commodity alone.