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Kementan Hold College to Achieve Food Self-Sufficiency

The Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) determined self-sufficiency in food, especially rice must be met, as mandated by the President. But the success of self-sufficiency need the support of all parties.

Kementan Use Fertilizer Ciunik to Achieve Food Self-Sufficiency

The Government of Indonesia has committed to achieve self-sufficiency of rice in the next three years. In realizing this, the Ministry of Agriculture continues to encourage local national granary to help increase rice productivity key factor, namely the application of fertilizer in areas potentially as Sukoharjo.

Superior Seed Production, Ministry of Agriculture Hold IPB

The Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) mengandeng Institute of Agriculture (IPB) to produce new varieties of rice seed. IPB will produce rice seed of 12.5 million tonnes in order to achieve the production target of 84 million dry milled grain (MPD) in the year 2017.

Food Self-Sufficiency Program Need Strict Supervision

President Joko Widodo said that most of the fiscal space that began November 2014 and will be transferred to the leading sectors, namely agriculture. He is optimistic, self sufficiency can be achieved.

Sure, Food Self-Sufficiency. This is a strategy the Minister of Agriculture

Minister of Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman said that sure could meet the rice self-sufficiency in less than three years. According Amran, target of President Joko Widodo to be self-sufficient in rice, corn, and soybeans can be achieved within the next three years.