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Fix Warehouse, Bulog Want No More Rice lousy

Bulog plans to make improvements warehouses throughout Indonesia. With the improvements, they expect no more rice lousy.


"Directors agreed we will fix all, warehouse management, human resources management. The amount is more than 1,500 warehouse across Indonesia. (Later) no rice lousy again with repair warehouse," said Director of Public Services Bulog Wahyu Suparyono at the Ministry of Enterprise, Tuesday (23/06/2015).

Minister Susi: Mafia Panic with Food Self-Sufficiency Program

Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, saying that any government launched a program of self-sufficiency in food, including rice self-sufficiency, certainly there are those who disagree with the program.


According to the Minister, the parties did not agree with the program self-sufficiency in rice is the mafia who are used to conduct illegal practice of circulation rice in Indonesia. "Mafia rice also did not like it when we invent self-sufficiency. That is because the velocity of money when making rice import value must be very large," said Susi.

Trade Minister: Price of Rice Indonesia Controlled Big Wholesalers

Government still open the option to import rice to meet national consumption requirements. This was due to the failure of Bulog absorbs 4 million tonnes of rice were targeted by the government.


However, the Minister of Trade (Ministry of Trade) Rachmat Gobel said that imported rice was not intended to shut down domestic farmers. She said that the import option open because the government is trying to control the price of rice in the market.

Suggest BPS, Government Beware Rice Price Increase in June

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded an increase in grain prices in May 2015 amounted to 7.83 percent compared to the previous month. During May 2015 average price of dry harvested paddy (GKP) The farmer IDR 4,428.41 per kg.

Ahok Ensure Jakarta Free Rice Plastic

Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) guarantee to the public that rice sold PD Pasar Jaya does not contain plastic or synthetic Rice.


The assurance given because the city government has anticipated circulation of plastic rice recently discovered in Bekasi, so that residents crowded into the conversation.