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Rice Prices Rise 2.04 Percent in September

Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Suryamin explained, rice prices in September rose 2.04 percent compared to the previous month (mtm). The rice price increase contributed to the September inflation of 0.08 percent.


"Supply is slightly reduced now, although there are still some harvest gadu," said Suryamin in his presentation, Jakarta.


The increase in the price of rice happening in 74 cities, the consumer price index (CPI), which is the highest price increases happening in Bulukumba, Purwokerto, and Pangkal Pinang each by 6 percent.


Besides rice, two commodities which inhibits deflation September 2015 the tuition colleges and universities, and gold jewelry with price increases each 3.15 percent and 3.44 percent (mtm). The increase in tuition colleges and universities contributed to the September inflation of 0.05 percent.


while it, the increase in the price of gold jewelry contributed to the September inflation of 0.04 percent. "Rising tuition academies and colleges, because enters the new school year. Meanwhile, the increase in the price of gold jewelry is due to follow international prices," said Suryamin.


As known, the BPS CPI launched in September 2015 a deflation of 0.05 percent. But deflation is lower than deflation September 2013 which reached 0.35 percent.


Suryamin explained, a number of commodity price falls and makes deflation September 2015 at 0.05 percent, namely chicken, red peppers, chili pepper, onion, oil, Pertamax, and air freight rates. (Kompas)