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Jokowi Affirms Will Not Import Rice, Reserves Still Enough

President Joko Widodo confirmed that Indonesia until now do not need to import rice. According to Jokowi, rice reserves are still enough until the end of the year.
Jokowi said the end of September, it's been almost a year needs can be met with the production of rice farmers. "Until now there are no imports. Although a lot of pressure for us to import rice," said Jokowi when making a new type of rice harvest in the village of Cikarang, District Banyusari, Karawang, West Java, on Sunday, 27 September 2015.

According to Jokowi, rice reserves to date reached 1.7 million tons. This number will grow to harvest in November. "It's safe. November is still harvest, an additional approximately 300 thousand tons again until the end of the year."


The President said, of the total reserves of rice, a total of 220 thousand tons will be distributed to Raskin. The government currently have a top priority to keep the smoothly distribution of rice and rice prices affordable for the community.

One way is performing large-scale market operations this week. "This week there will be a massive market operations," the president said.


This morning, Jokowi perform new types of rice harvest, namely varieties IPB 3S and 4S. This Paddy is the new rice varieties developed by Institut Pertanian Bogor. Iriana Jokowi Widodo accompanied by First Lady; Minister of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman; and the Minister of Rural Development and Disadvantaged Areas and Transmigration Marwan Jafar. (Tempo.co)