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Government Guarantees National Rice Stock Enough

The government guarantees the stock of rice in this country during the next few months enough for public consumption needs.


"We have a supply of rice in Bulog warehouses as much as 1.7 million tons," the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Food Security Budi Gardjita while visiting Baduy community in Lebak, Banten.


The rice supply ascertained that Indonesia did not bring rice imported from abroad. In fact, the current rice harvest continues until December. Therefore, it guarantees the national rice stocks are relatively enough and safe.
"We ask the farmers to accelerate planting immediately in order to increase food production," he said. He also said that during this time the state guarantees the supply of rice lest shrinkage bringing in imported rice.

Joko Widodo government policy commitment to build a paddy field in order to materialize the agricultural self-sufficiency in rice. "We believe the government's commitment to fulfill the supply of rice," he said.


According to him,  we gives an appreciation of food security production Baduy community.

Because Baduy community, if the rice harvest season huma-grain they store grain in barns or Leuit house.


"All the Bedouin citizens must have the barns with grain storing capacity of 4-5 tons," he said.


Section Head of Regional Production and Food Security Regional Secretariat Lebak, Kushilman said food stocks until now relatively safe and enough for four months because of surplus rice production.


Rice necessity in 2015 for residents of Lebak 1.2 million inhabitants reaches 163,350,422 kilograms. "If averaged per capita rice demand as much as 134 kilograms, so the Local Rice Stock safely in the market," he said. (Antara)