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The Vice President asked Kementan evaluation Rice Production

Vice President Jusuf Kalla asked the Ministry of Agriculture evaluates the data projected production of dry milled grain. According to Kalla, milled rice production forecast by the Central Bureau of Statistics as many as 75 million tonnes this year is too high.
"How can agricultural production we increased, but should also be evaluated figures, especially figures from BPS that it needs to be calculated well as the production figure of 75 million was actually to be calculated correctly," Kalla said after briefing the ranks of the Ministry of Agriculture in the Office Ministry of Agriculture in Jakarta, Wednesday (09/16/2015).
Kalla considered that the BPS data is dangerous if used as a basis for the calculation of the other numbers, such as fertilizer subsidy figure or subsidized seedlings. In a briefing at the Ministry of Agriculture's Office this morning, the Vice President also stressed the importance of keeping food Self Sufficiency program achieved at least within the next year. Besides, the Vice President reminded the Ministry of Agriculture to be careful in dealing with the impact of heat waves or El Nino.

"So, all people on the farm should be alert for drought so that productivity can be maintained. Because the principal issues in the event of price increases as the data yesterday that due to the increase in the price of rice," said Kalla.


To achieve food self-sufficiency, Kalla emphasized the need for good seed productivity and good irrigation. Increased productivity is the possible steps to reduce food imports. On that basis, short-term policies that might be taken by the government are improved seeds, fertilizer, irrigation rehabilitation, and do counseling.


"Just four that's it, no other way. So the job of the Minister of Agriculture that's it. Seedlings of high quality, timely fertilizer, improved irrigation, and give counseling, that's all," said Kalla. (Kompas)