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BPS: Grain prices at Farmer Up

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported a rise in grain prices both at farm level and degree of milling. The increase in grain prices will have an impact on the rice price increase next month.


Suryamin BPS head said, the average price of dry grain harvest (GKP) at farm level rose 3.4 percent compared to July 2015, or month to month (mtm), be at the level of IDR 4,594.72 per kilogram. Meanwhile, the average price of milled rice (GKG) at farm level mtm up 0.19 percent, to IDR 5,247.92 per kilogram.


"The price of milled Dry Grain highest in Tanah Laut South Kalimantan to IDR 9,091 per kilogram, and the lowest in Sukabumi, rice types Ciherang IDR 3,100 per kilogram," said Suryamin in explanation Tuesday (09/01/2015).


Suryamin continued, the average price of GKP in the milling rate is IDR 4,677.06 per kg, up 3.35 percent mtm. While the average price of paddy at the mill level at IDR 5,355.69 per kilogram, up 0.4 percent mtm. "There are some areas that are still harvesting, although the season gadu," he continued.


Not only the price of grain, rice prices in August 2015 also showed an increase. In the milling rate of premium rice prices rose 2.03 percent mtm, while the medium rice prices rose 1.07 percent mtm. The price of rice low type, in the milling rate was increased 5.02 percent mtm.


Meanwhile, BPS reported Farmers Exchange Rate (NTP) in August 2015 there was an increase of 0.31 percent of mtm. On July 2015 NTP at 100.97 level, and August NTP at the level of 101.28. The exchange rate of food crops rose 1.29 percent, while farms rose 0.81 percent. However, the exchange rate fell 0.14 percent horticultural crops and fisheries fell 0.13 percent.


"If we remove the household needs, so only the effort and the result, NTUP still profitable. NTUP August rose 0.54 percent, "said Suryamin. (Kompas)