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Face drought, the Minister Ensuring Rice Stock Safe

Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos) Khofifah Indar Parawansa, ensure the national rice stock still safe until February 2016 to face drought and El Nino cycle.


"When we face the el nino and drought, I want to make sure the stock rice for the poor (Raskin) safe, even national stock safely until February 2016," said Khofifah while visiting Bulog warehouse in Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra, on Wednesday (19/8 / 2015).


Khofifah added, Ministry of Social Affairs has decided there will be additional rice for the poor (Raskin) 13th. "We just wait for the decision of the Coordinating Minister for the economy when the distribution of Raskin 13th it will be done," he continued.



During her visit to Central Tapanuli, Khofifah make sure if the stock of rice there and Sibolga still safe until April 2016.


"We are in Bulog warehouses, Middle of Tapanuli (Tapteng). This warehouse covering rice to Sibolga, Tapteng and also sent to Gunung Sitoli. In today's stock of rice here safely until mid-April 2016," he explained.


She also examine the feasibility of Raskin will be consumed. According to her, the government bought Raskin on the quality of the medium. "That means no fleas, no mildew, no color is yellow, the aroma is also flavorful rice. We both witnessed in the warehouse is suitable for consumption," he said.



Khofifah also ordered to local governments, especially the Regent Tapteng and Mayor Sibolga to accelerate the distribution of Raskin to the public.


"I ask the regents and mayors in order to prepare Raskin in September. Beginning of September it had been distributed. This is to maintain the public peace, lest they are restless, with a variety of news, droughts, elnino, failed crops, rice rises, and so on," she said . (Okezone.com)