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Society should not rely on rice as the Main Food Commodities

The government must change the paradigm of the public not to assume that people should always eat rice to meet their food needs. The reason, many foodstuffs can be to substitute the rice.



"If you eat from sweet potato, cassava, wheat. It's a local product that can be produced domestically," said DPP Chairman Perpadi Sutarto Alimoeso on MNC Business event in Jakarta, Tuesday (08/04/2015).


According to him, a kind of food product tubers have the potential to reduce dependence on imports in the country. He gave an example, The condition that are not dependency rice as practiced by the people of the past.


"The need for food should be combined because there is food that we can first plant. Plant the tubers can be a food reserve, which is planted in the woods or yard of the house, especially in the villages," he explained.


In addition, the government also can take advantage of planting hydroponik in diversifying food. Thus, the plant can be implemented to provide a food supply when entering a drought season.


"We know hydroponik society, why not plant it. Vegetables can be planted in a simple on the mineral water bottle in the yard, but do not forget to prepare in 2016 chose the provision of seeds and fertilizer," he concluded. (Okezone.com)