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Pro-Farmers Food Policy, Not Ashamed Modeled India

Indonesia does not have to be ashamed to imitate India in formulating food policy for the welfare of farmers. In a country of over 1 billion, it is also based farmers, India is able to synergize policies that had emerged from the Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Agriculture.

Boyolali Export 36 Tons of Organic Rice to Europe

Regency Boyolali not only able to produce fresh cow's milk. In agriculture, organic rice export Boyolali able to European countries namely Germany and Belgium. In 2013, has exported 36 tons of organic rice to the two countries.

Thailand One Step More Becoming World No.1 Rice Exporters Again

Two years after scraped from the top of the world's biggest rice exporter, Thailand's plan to take his place back. This country back up after the impact of the subsidy scheme bush subsided and Thailand to sell rice at a cheaper price to the global market.

Asean Free Market: Import duties of Rice and Sugar Still High

Import duties commodities of rice, sugar and alcoholic beverages, certainly remain high due to the implementation of free trade policies between countries in Southeast Asia or Asean Economic Community (AEC) at end-2015 or early 2016.


Director of Multilateral Cooperation Ministry of Commerce, Djunari Inggit Waskito in public education implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community convey, at the time of the MEA duty most commodities to zero per cent customs or without reinforcements at all.


The fate of Duty Rice Wait Minister of Thailand

The decision to remove the rice and sugar from the list of products exempted import duty is taken in the meeting of economic ministers of ASEAN (ASEAN Economic Ministers Meetings / AEMM) 46th, some time ago.

During the meeting, Thailand who have been calling for rice import duties and removed the sugar will give the final word.