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Import Rice Year Predicted Over 1.5 Million Ton

Rice imports this year is expected to reach more than 1.5 million tons. This number jumped nearly four-fold from the realization of January to October 2014 only 405 thousand tons. The surge in imports triggered by the lack of rice production as a result of the growing season retreat 1-2 months. This year, the government expects rice production as much as 73.4 million tons of milled rice (paddy), up to 2.79 million tons this year from an estimated production of 70.61 million tons.

Minister of Agriculture Dream Rice Exports to the US and Europe

The government believes the food self-sufficiency can be realized in two years. If the target is reached, the Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran Solomon dreamed Indonesia could sell rice to other countries. The plan, organic rice from Indonesia will be exported to the United States (US) and Europe.

2015, Vietnam will Stop Fruit and Vegetable Import Permit from Australia

Starting in January 2015, the Government of Vietnam will stop the import license fruit and vegetable products from Australia with a total value of trade reached $ 40 million.

Australian agricultural authorities have failed to ease fears of the Government of Vietnam on the management of fruit flies.

Indonesia must be prepared to face the ASEAN free market

Facing ASEAN Free Market at the end of 2015, Indonesia must be prepared to compete with the ASEAN countries, especially in the selling price of food. Not only Malaysia and Singapore are the countries toughest competitors in the market price competition, but Thailand seemed to be wary.

FAO: World Food Prices Stable

World food prices slightly higher in November, stop easing seven months in which they fell every month but still continue the recent stabilization period. Similarly statement Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), recently.