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Jokowi Ready to Open The tap Rice Import

President Joko Widodo through Presidential Instruction No. 5/2015 on Procurement of Paddy / Rice and Distribution of Rice by the Government to allow the import of rice with certain conditions.

Threats Food Crisis Has Become the World Issues

Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture), Hari Priyono stated, the problem of food security is now a serious problem in the world. Therefore Indonesia must always have sufficient stock through barns along which movement is part of the food security program.

Jumped 30%, Rice Prices in DKI 100% on Top International

The rocketing price of rice in Jakarta are now above USD 10,000 / kg-11,000 / kg or jumped 30% from the end of last month. The price of rice has been 100% above international prices of only Rp 5000-5500 / kg.

World Rice Prices Down, Local Rice Still High

Since January, world food prices declined. One is rice. Cause, availability or stock food secure world. Based on the Chicago Board of Trade contract for delivery in March, the price of rice has decreased to US $ 10.14 per cwt or per quintal. A day earlier, the contract price of rice at US $ 10.50 per cwt.

Thailand Aiming Myanmar Rice Market

Investors rice in Thailand is planning to expand into Myanmar. This followed the government's plan to reduce the production of rice. They glanced at the Myanmar market is expected to return to the world rice exporter in the next 5-10 years.


Thai Rice Exporters Association said Myanmar, fits into the investment objectives rice. Myanmar has a lot of fertile land with abundant water. Moreover, the country has a strategic location for the rice trade.


Thai Rice Exporters Association expressed interest in investing in the whole flow of the Ayeyarwaddy, Bago, Salween, and Sittaung. Areas it is the center of Myanmar rice producer. Traders are also plans to use the river to transport rice. They wanted to create a source of fortune: change 8 million hectares of fertile land displaced into productive rice fields.


Association's honorary president, Vichai Sriprasert said, as quoted by The Nation, Thailand investor is exploring plans to establish milling and processing of rice in the country.


Most investors are planning to build a rice mill with a production capacity of up to 500 tonnes of rice a year. Milling is estimated to require 300 million baht or Rp 116.41 billion. "Investors Thailand reviewing the regulatory and investment law in Myanmar. Once clear, they will begin to invest in a few years, "said Vichai.


President of the Thai Rice Exporters Association Chaeron Laothammatas optimistic Myanmar would welcome the investment. Therefore, Myanmar is developing agricultural production to create food security.


Director of the Center for the Study of International Trade Aat Pisanwanich added, Thai investors are interested in the business of Myanmar rice because of lower production costs.