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Kementan will double planting paddy to avoid import

Food Security Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) said they would increase the production of rice so that the rice supply is getting fulfilled. This will be done to avoid the rice imports.


Secretary Food Security Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, in May Rochjat Darmawiredja, said that the Ministry of Agriculture is always increasing production every year with efforts to increase the land area of rice planting and development of paddy fields in several areas of potential.

Government Advised Beware Speaking of Rice Import

Government advised to be careful when talking about the activities stop the import of basic goods. Thus, any policy of not negatively exploited by unscrupulous.


Commissioner Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) Muhammad Syarkawi Rauf said, some time ago the President Joko Widodo announced a new policy, which will be imported rice if domestic stock shortage.

Commission IV: Government should not rashly open the tap Import Rice

Commission IV recommends to the Government, in the face of the availability of basic foodstuffs such as rice, should be handled with the calculation of annual needs. Not faced with a moment way as does the face of the fasting month and Eid.


"The government should not say moments but calculated per year," said a member of Commission IV, Andi Akmal Pasluddin, when contacted by 'Harian Terbit' in Jakarta, Sunday (21/06/2015).

The Government has issued a special permit to import rice

The Ministry of Trade (Kemdag) has issued a license to import rice for industrial raw materials and specific purposes in 2015 as many as 229,488 tonnes. Meanwhile for medium rice is still not imported by Bulog.

Trade Minister Rachmat Gobel said the import of certain types of rice are 100 percent broken rice, 100 percent broken of glutinous rice and Japonica rice. In addition there are also glutinous rice, rice Thai Hom Malu, Basmati rice and steamed rice.