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Australian Help Indonesia Keep Food Security

Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources of Australia Barnaby Joyce said Australia understands how important it is for Indonesia to develop the livestock industry and the production of beef as an important part of strengthening the long-term food security.


It was expressed Minister Barnaby Joyce in Jakarta, while launching alumni network of Indonesian students who have completed training farm field in Australia.


"Therefore, Australia supports development assistance programs aimed at supporting the ideals of Indonesia improve agricultural productivity and food security," said Minister Joyce was quoted as saying in the press release of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.


"The Livestock Industry Student Program Indonesia-Australia supports the exchange of knowledge and skills between Indonesia and Australia's livestock industries. Since its inception in 2012, 54 students from 15 universities in Indonesia have taken part, "said deputy chairman of the National Party of Australia.


Minister Joyce explained that the Australian Government funded program was organized by the North Australian Breeders Association (NTCA) and only one of the elements of the great work carried out under the Partnership for Food Safety in Red Meat and Livestock Sector with funding of 60 million dollars.


NTCA CEO, Tracey Hayes, explaining the program is a medium for the livestock industry of Australia and Indonesia to share knowledge.

"Indonesia is a good trade partner Australia. Program alumni who we launch today will ensure the strong relationship between the two countries, "said Hayes....


"Every year we receive students and we do not want to lose contact with them after the program completed," he said.


"As Minister Joyce highlighted, since the program's inception four years ago, we have received 54 students who have

completed the training," said Hayes again.


With the alumni network will help students develop study and job opportunities, following the development of research and industry and is involved in the government initiative of Australia and Indonesia.


"We are very proud of this program and what it has achieved. We hope to inspire the students and strengthen the relationship of various industries in Indonesia and Australia, "he added.


Minister Joyce said, the program includes an applied learning experience for nine weeks, consists of three weeks of intensive training in the livestock industry - including welfare and animal handling - extend the six-week work experience placement directly on family farms and selected companies across Northern Australia.


"Continuing the success of this program, we will increase the number of 20 students to participate in this program in 2016," he said. (Kompas)