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El Nino, the government re-import 1.5 million tons rice from Thailand

The government decided to re-import as much as 1.5 million tons of rice from Thailand. The government is worried major drought that hit Indonesia due Elnino make rice stocks run out.


"El Nino is happening is hit agricultural foundation itself, namely the need for water. Like it or not, if we do not want the food crisis, we have to import rice. We should not be gambling (speculation) with a stock of rice, "Kalla said shortly before heading to New York, USA, while transiting through Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates, Wednesday (23/9) morning.


Kalla to New York to attend the UN General Assembly which will be held on 25 September to 2 October. Kalla is scheduled to talk about world peace. Read: Indonesia Never End Achieve World Peace.


"Not enough rice stocks raskin that exist today. The total is now approximately only 1.5 million tonnes, it should be bigger," said Kalla.


According to him, Raskin rice stocks to small people predicted to run out at the end of this year. "So, must import even more from originally planned not long ago," he said. (Kompas)