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Airports in Sri Lanka Used for Saving Rice

One controversial airport which was built by the former president of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, is now also used as the rice warehouse.


The government said the rice will be stored in one of the cargo terminal at the airport, so that airports generates revenue through rental of about $ 6,000, or about IDR 84 million per month.


Rajapaksa Mattala international airport was built in the president's hometown, Hambantota, which is located about 250 km from the capital Colombo and opened two years ago.


But because it is located in an area with lots of wildlife, the airport has become famous for frequent collisions between aircraft with birds.


Currently there is only one budget airline, Fly Dubai, which use it. "The cargo terminal is released to the Rice Marketing Board to save the state of the rice harvest in the Hambantota district," said one airport official who requested anonymity told AFP.


The national airline of Sri Lanka had received orders from President Rajapaksa, while was still in power, to land at the airport was built at a cost of US $ 120 million, but after he lost in the election January 2015, the flight to the airport was stopped. (BBC)