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This Fifth Largest Rice Producer Countries in the World

Rice is the staple food of the most widely consumed by humans in almost all countries in the world, especially in Asia where farmers producing 90 percent of the world's rice.



World rice production, mostly only produced in a few countries. So when a decline in production and on the other side of the world demand for rice has increased, a problem which is very crucial for a number of countries.





Here are five countries with the largest rice producer in the world.


1. China
Production per year: 206.5 million tonnes
Rice Export amount: 0.4 million tonnes
Number of Rice Import: 2.5 million tonnes
Chinese rice: rice began to be cultivated in eastern China and the southeast in the year 8000 BC. More than 90 percent of China's rice comes from irrigated rice.


Since 1974, China entered into a partnership with IRRI. Director General of IRRI, Nyle Brady, who was on tour for a month in China, provide seed varieties IRRI development.


Furthermore, IRRI hold a formal cooperation with China. The aim is to facilitate the economic development of rice in china. In collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), IRRI and other partners, has finally released four varieties of rice in China, namely, Golden Shuttle 1 and Zhongyu 1, 4, and 6.


2. India
Production per year: 153.8 million tonnes
Rice Export Amount: 11.5 million tons
Number of Imported Rice: -
India Rice: Rice is the most important food crop in India. Until now, India is the second largest rice producer in the world after China with a total production of more than 150 million tons per year.

Indian rice production in 2004 recorded 1,984 kg per hectare in 2004 and increased rapidly in 2011 to 2,372 kg per hectare. India's contribution in world rice production has been in the range of 19.50 to 24.52 percent.


3. Indonesia
Production per year: 70.8 million tons
Number of Export Rice: -
Number of Imported Rice: 1 million tons
Rice Indonesia: Agricultural budget large enough this time, should make it able to produce food products such as rice with a sizeable amount. Indonesia is the third largest rice producer in the world and also one of the world's largest rice consumer. Rice growing area of 11.4 million ha in 1995 to 13.20 million ha in 2010, representing 24% of total agricultural area. Rice yields increased slightly from 4.3 tons / ha in 1995 to 5 tons / ha in 2010. Ironically, Indonesia is now more dependent on imports for its food needs.


IRRI estimates that Indonesia will require 38 percent more rice in 25 years, which means an average paddy rice yields is now 4.6 tonnes / ha should be increased to more than 6 tonnes / ha to fill the gap. To avoid large imports, the most prominent rice policy in Indonesia has aimed to achieve rice self-sufficiency by increasing production.


The Government set a production target of 10 million tons of annual rice surplus for 2015 and provide fertilizer subsidies to paddy farmers cultivating less than 0.5 ha of land.


4. Bangladesh
Production per year: 52.4 million tons
Number of Export Rice: -
Number of Rice Import: 1.3 million tonnes
Bangladesh Rice: According to official estimates from the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), two years ago (2013), Bangladesh has produced about 34.449 million tons of rice. Bangladesh is the fourth largest rice producer in the world. South Asian countries that produce rice harvest about 34 million tons.


Although the country produced enough rice to feed its population of 160 million, Bangladesh often face food shortages due to natural disasters.


To the anticipation of food shortages, some firms in Bangladesh announced it has hired thousands of hectares of land in Africa. The signing of the contract executed to lease arable land but not used in Uganda, Tanzania and Gambia. Another contract to lease around 30,000 hectares for 99 years will soon be signed with the government of Tanzania.


5. Vietnam
Production per year: 45 million tons
Rice Export amount: 6.5 million tonnes
Number of Imported Rice: -
Rice Vietnam: Vietnam is now the largest rice producer in Southeast Asia and the world. Much earlier, Vietnam had learned from Indonesia, and even had to borrow rice in the New Order era. Vietnam in 1989-1990 borrow as much as 100,000 tons of rice to Indonesia. However, their current rice could be a surplus of 5-6 million tonnes / year. One of the keys they followed the farming system in Indonesia. Vietnam is now the largest rice exporter in the world and even beat Thailand.


Farming systems that emulated Vietnam from Indonesia is a system / program intensification, extension and agricultural diversification. Of the three ways that Vietnam focus to continue printing the new rice fields in the country. The way it is judged to have been done by President Soeharto in the past.


Thanks to the use of new high-yield rice varieties and improvements in agricultural technology and infrastructure, Vietnam paddy rice yields increased significantly. The average yield increased from 4.2 tons / hectare in 2000 to 5.6 tonnes / ha at this time. (Kompas)