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Import benefit the country of others, Harming own country!

Minister of Agriculture, Andi Amran Sulaiman, expressed his concern about the presumption that imports into the solution for basic commodities, which experienced price increases. For him, imports could harm the state.


"Import benefit the country of others, but disadvantaged our countries. Before import we have to evaluate whether our farmers are not able to feed themselves here," said Amran on a working visit in Berau, East Kalimantan, on Wednesday (08/12/2015).


According to him, imports should be avoided. He often claimed to be resistant his ears about the story and import policy expectations. The incident occurred when rice and other foodstuffs are experiencing price increases.


"The policy was made by considering the adequacy of food in the community. As in last February rice up 30 percent, and many are advised to import (rice). At that time, I was traveling from Aceh until Merauke to see the sufficiency of rice, and it is safe. So, there is no import if farmers can comply, "said Amran.



The same thing happened before the Eid arrived a month ago. Indeed, according to Minister of Agriculture, there is an increase rice at that time. After explored, the increase only occurred in the city, not from farmers. That's what made him wonder, because the availability of rice from farmers enough, but the price was still rising.

"It was an anomaly. Rice riding in the city, but farmers do not enjoy this price increase," said Amran.

But, thankfully, said Minister of Agriculture, it can be solved. Until after the Eid, rice farmers can meet the needs of the community so that the government does not need to import.


"I believe, Indonesian farmers can meet the domestic production," he said.


Currently, the same thing is also being called upon society. The increase in the price of beef mobilize a lot of people who expect to be the import policy.

"Every increase, people shouted imports. Be patient, give me a chance and I will soon finish it. In fact, if the price of beef goes up, people can look for other food alternatives. Fish, for example," he said. (Kompas)