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Minister of Agriculture Clarification News Import Rice

Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, Andi Amran Sulaiman in a speech to open the event halal bi halal Ministry of Agriculture, he clarified the news based on BPS data specifying the import of rice increased by 130 percent.


"I am concerned that there are reports that rice imports increased by 130 percent, the special rice for diabetics in hospitals," said Amran Sulaiman at the halal bi halal in the auditorium of the Ministry of Agriculture, Jakarta, Thursday (07/23/2015),


According to the Ministry of Agriculture increased amount of the special rice imports amounted to 49 thousand tons, only two days of procurement by Bulog.


"49 thousand tons, only two days of procurement by Bulog, for what we import if not Special Rice," he said.

Amran Sulaiman also said that there was the issue make itself got a call from the Corruption Eradication Commission to ask the truth of the news.


On Eid gathering event which was attended by several employees of the Ministry of Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman also expressed thanks for the efforts of all employees during the nine-month during his leadership that has been going on. (Tribunnews.com)