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Kementan will double planting paddy to avoid import

Food Security Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) said they would increase the production of rice so that the rice supply is getting fulfilled. This will be done to avoid the rice imports.


Secretary Food Security Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, in May Rochjat Darmawiredja, said that the Ministry of Agriculture is always increasing production every year with efforts to increase the land area of rice planting and development of paddy fields in several areas of potential.


"Improving the paddy planting area may be that used only once a year increased to twice. That's damaged rice fields," said Rochjat in PBNU Building, Jakarta, (01/07/2015).


Furthermore, he explained, the Ministry of Agriculture is optimistic that rice supply will continue to increase every year. In the middle the rice demand, which is increasing.


"In the year up about 75 million tons in the form of grain to produce about 45 million tons of rice," he explained.


In addition, he said the Ministry of Agriculture will support farmers to always improve the quality of their production, according to the government wants food sovereignty.


"Instructions Pak Jokowi no longer farmers producing rice of poor quality. It took the support of local governments and Bulog as the relevant institutions," he concluded. (Okezone.com)