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Government Advised Beware Speaking of Rice Import

Government advised to be careful when talking about the activities stop the import of basic goods. Thus, any policy of not negatively exploited by unscrupulous.


Commissioner Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) Muhammad Syarkawi Rauf said, some time ago the President Joko Widodo announced a new policy, which will be imported rice if domestic stock shortage.



"This means that the government will cover the shortages of rice when it's a little bit and when there is a surge in the price or crop failure. The effect is, people are afraid to hoard rice," said Syarkawi in Jakarta, Saturday (06/20/2015).


These conditions are very different, when Jokowi at the beginning of this year said that the government would not import rice. Suddenly the statement was an opportunity unscrupulous traders hoarding, so that rice prices will rise.


"If you do not import, the hoarders excited," said Syarkawi. (Tribunnews)