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Foodstation expansion into Modern Market

PT. Foodstation Tjipinang Jaya as manager Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang continues to innovate in developing their business. During this time, Foodstation known as the manager of a wholesale market that rent out stalls, warehouses and rice transportation, whether in the city, between the islands and  provinces.

The price and supply is not stable yet

Prices of basic commodities and vegetables at 10 days after Eid is not stable and tends to increase. On the retail level, prices of goods still relatively high.


Based on the monitoring Kompas in Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang, Wednesday, trader activity back to normal. Dozens of stall ranging crowded visited by buyers. Dozens of trucks are seen doing the activities of loading and unloading in front of the stall.

PT. Food Station received a working visit of Commission II DPRD Banten

Commission II DPRD Banten visited PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya, on 24 July 2015. The delegation, led by Hj. Rt. Ella Wurella who is also the Vice Chairman of Commission II intends to coordinate the management and distribution Rice Systems for the community. This visit was accepted by the board of directors and head of the division Foodstation.

Rice stocks for Eid in Jakarta Abundant

Jakarta has abundant availability of rice Food Ahead of Eid Mubarak 1436 Hijriah. President Director of PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya, Dwi Antono, said the city administration belongs enterprises engaged in the distribution of the rice, now has a stock of 43,000 tonnes of rice in their rice warehouse. This amount exceeds the amount of rice stocks in the same period in the previous year which only reached 23,000 tons.

PT FSTJ has held the EGM Again

PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya (FSTJ) as manager of Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang (Cipinang Rice Market) has held a General Meeting Extraordinary Shareholders (EGM) on July 7, 2015 at the office of PT FSTJ. This event was attended by the board of directors and commissioners of PT FSTJ. Also present were the shareholders who come from various backgrounds, both institutions and individuals.