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The Jakarta administration gave 1.5 Trillion To PIBC Development

PIBC receive Rp 1.5 trillion from the Jakarta City Administration for market development. According to the Senior Development Manager of PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya, Eri Muhtarsyid, the allocation has been set at the Jakarta governor Joko Widodo.



"It's still in the stage of the funding process., But yesterday we had allocated 1.5 trillion to run the program by the governor," said Eri. Rp1.5 trillion program is a manifestation of our vision towards the food information center in Southeast Asia.


With these funds, expected PIBC manager will build the integrated form of assessment centers, apartments, flats and hotels. "Currently it is being designed by the consultant on the development of the market," said Eri.

Development of the market itself will not be adding new land.


Eri admits, the land area of ​​14.5 acres of existing is to be utilized. For example, by building apartments above shops.

In order to support this vision, PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya also plans to build a parking deck as a form of anticipation surge of visitors after the market development is done.