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PIBC Plans to Build a Study Center of Food

Administrator of PIBC, PT Food Station Tjipinang plans to build the center's food around the market. The plan, it will begin to be realized next year.

This was announced by the Director of PT Food Station Tjipinang Antono Dwi Jaya. According to him, the construction of the center of this study in order to realize the vision of the company to make Cipinang Rice Main Market as an information center for food in Southeast Asia.



Construction of the center of this study is still in the stage of the design process. According to Dwi, is still looking for anyone who would invest in this development. Later the center of this study will be the development of food, ranging from how rice cultivation to the production stage and post-harvest.


In addition to the study center, will be built in PIBC apartments, flats and hotels. He said the apartments will be used for the traders and employees at Cipinang Rice Main Market. These apartments will be on top of the rice market which will be converted into more modern.


"Still in the process of funding," Dwi said. In this construction, there is no expansion plans. PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya will utilize the existing land. Currently, Cipinang Rice Main Market has an area of ​​14.5 hectares. Dwi optimistic, with the construction of several buildings, the company is expected to play a role in the development of optimal Indonesian food sector in the Southeast Asian scene.