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Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang be the reference information in Southeast Asian Food

Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang not only carry the vision into rice distribution center in Jakarta, but also be a reference source of information for food in Southeast Asia. "Food Station Tjipinang Jaya as the manager of Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang seeks to develop this into an information center for food in Southeast Asia," said President Director of PT Food Station Tjipinang Antono Dwi Jaya.



PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya, he said, plans to develop supporting facilities including several buildings, among which are the study centers, apartments, flats, hotels, and modern-based parking deck. "Now that the funding is being processed. Planned to be realized next year, "said Dwi.


He said the idea emerged and developed by the company on the basis of the needs and the evolving dynamics in the national and regional levels. For him, the company also needs to participate in developing the market as part of the development of the food sector.


Even so, the plan must be communicated to the local government, given the 70% owned by the provincial government of DKI Jakarta area. However, as a large country will field its agrarian, PT Food Station feel it is necessary to realize the vision to develop the potential of the food market in Indonesia.


In addition to developing the market, this vision can also become a means to introduce Indonesian food in the arena of Southeast Asia.