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Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang Comes to Regulate Food Distribution in Jakarta

Not many people know how the history of Cipinang Rice Main Market. Rice distribution center in Jakarta, which is managed by PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya has been established since 1968 in accordance with the Decree of the Governor Ea.18 number / 1/38/68 dated September 3, 1968 This was reinforced by the Minister of Justice authorization number YA.5 / 120/3 dated 1 April 1975.



At first, Ali Sadikin, as the Governor of Jakarta at that time, has a program to make improvements in the system of procurement and distribution of rice and price controls. "Ali Sadikin had a thought that we are an agricultural country should make this market as the country's food provider," said Director of PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya, Dwi Antono.


Then, the idea is implemented through a decree of the Governor of Jakarta No.DV-a.18 / 1/8/19744 dated March 7, 1974 on the Establishment of Rice Main Market Cipinang As a trading center of rice, sugar, wheat, and pulses or nuts -kacangan (including coffee) and the provisions of its staff.


In addition, the establishment of this market is also based on the Decree of the Governor of Jakarta No.DV-B.8 / 1/7/1974 dated March 14, 1974 on the appointment of Transportation Company to carry out the transport of rice, sugar and pulses from Cipinang Rice Main Market Jakarta to markets in the region of Andhra Pradesh.


It was later refined by Decree of the Governor of Jakarta no.1539 dated 10 November 1989 on the improvement of Transportation Management Provisions in the Market Master Vegetables Kramat Jati and Cipinang Market.


Furthermore, the Regulations (regulation) of the Regional Owned Enterprises Tjipinang Jaya PT Food Station has been established on 25 April 2014 One of the legal basis for the establishment of local regulations (regulations) of enterprises PT. Food Station Tjipinang is Law 32/2004 on Regional Government, Law 40/2007 on Limited Liability Companies and PP 58/2005 on Regional Financial Management.


Determination of regulation to make the city government has a majority stake of 74.6% so Tjipinang Jaya PT Food Station can carry out the function of the logistics business, including trade, shopping, procurement of rice, pulses, and the like.


Until now, Cipinang Rice Main Market is still going according to the vision, mission, and function. Market with a wide range of 14.5 hectares is still awake authenticity of the building long ago. Dwi hope, PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya can continue to maintain the stability and the availability and price of food supply in Jakarta.