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Traders Association Reject Relocation Cipinang Market

Head of the Regional Representatives Council and Operators Association Paddy Rice Milling Indonesia (Perpadi) DKI Jakarta, Nelly Soekidi say, the idea that the Market Master Cipinang transferred outside Jakarta is not a realistic idea. "Harmful if transferred to outside Jakarta," he said.


According to Nelly, who is also head of the Association of Rice Dealer Rice Cipinang Market Masterplan (PBIC) says, big cities like Jakarta still need a wholesale market. "Setting up the market it's easy, but created the market, it is difficult," said Nellys.
He continued, PIBC itself has formed a market and have a long history. Meanwhile, if to be transferred outside Jakarta, then the trader should develop markets from zero again. "If the wholesale market reach beyond, automated distribution to Jakarta takes time, conditions, and costs more," he said.


Nellys say, certainty as a bumper rice stocks can not be from the area. Moreover, PBIC own for this is known as a barometer of national rice prices. Meanwhile, he continued, the park itself when wholesale markets are generally found in the outskirts of Jakarta.


Call it in the PIBC Jatinegara- and Kramat Jati Market, which is located in Kramat Jati, East Jakarta. "In addition, our trucks are always operated to send rice at night. To not disturb the flow of traffic," he said.