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Bappebti Give Approval Warehouse management and Business Warehouse Receipt System to Foodstation

Tuesday, June 6, 2014 located in Building Bappebti, Chief Bappebti, Edi Sutriono submit a Certificate of Approval Warehouse Warehouse and business in the Warehouse Receipt System to Br. Dwi Antono as President Director of PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya witnessed Bappebti Secretary, Junaedi. As from granting this approval,

PT Food Station as Jakarta Provincial owned enterprises has become a business in the Warehouse Warehouse Receipt System is based on the Decree of Approval Number: 12 / BAPPEBTI / Kep-SRG / SP / PG / 06/2014.


Jakarta does not have enough farmland to produce and meet their own food needs in Jakarta, especially rice, which reached 3,000 tons of rice per day. Therefore, given the SRG Warehouse Approval Number: 13 / BAPPEBTI / Kep-SRG / SP / GD / 06/2014, the PT Food Station can immediately take advantage of the warehouse with a capacity of 15,000 tons of rice that has at Cipinang Market as SRG Warehouse.


PT Food Station will optimize warehouses SRG are idle in the area as a buffer food warehouse in Jakarta. With SRG scheme, farmers and businesses who do storage in the warehouse can make sales by using the warehouse receipt. This will create efficiency distribution and commodities trading so that costs can be reduced and the benefits can be obtained by farmers and businessmen.

Rice price information owned by PT Food Station can be developed disseminated stricken areas, so it can help business Warehouse, Banking and Farmers and communities in determining the price and time of the sale or purchase of commodities rice. In addition to acting as business SRG Warehouse, PT Food Station also has a great chance to act as standby buyer for rice commodities in the SRG. Thus, the owner of the goods and banks can more easily perform the marketing of commodities and increasing confidence in the SRG. (Source: http://www.bappebti.go.id/id/news2)