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PT. Food Station Perform EGM Again

PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya as manager Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang resume General Meeting Extraordinary Shareholders (EGM) on 29 September 2015 in the Office of PT Foodstation. This time, the EGM agenda are notifications transfer of shares, and changes in the company management.


Following up the results of the EGM of the Company July 7, 2015 share transfer notice on the agenda, some private shareholders offer their shares for purchase at a price of Rp 880 million per share.


After being offered first to other shareholders, and no one expressed interest to buy, then the shareholders who will sell these shares, has the right to sell to third parties including PT. Jakarta Propertindo who expressed interest to buy.


Based on provisions of Article 56 of Law No. 40 Year 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company on transfer of shares, and according to the a copy of the deed of Transfer of Rights Agreement (Purchase) Shareholder who has submitted to the Board of Directors, there has been a transfer of shares of a number of parties to a third party.


In addition, the EGM this time also scheduled changes in the company management. "Jakarta Provincial Government as the holder of 47,724 (forty seven thousand seven hundred twenty-four) shares, sees the need to make changes to the company management," said Jakarta Governor Basuki  Tjahja Purnama or Ahok, as representative of the city government.
This change once refresher ranks of management, he added, is intended to improve good corporate governance (GCG).
In respect of this, the Jakarta Provincial Government as the controlling shareholder of the Company, consider it necessary to change the line of the Board of the Company effective since September 29, 2015, dismiss Ir. Adi Ariantara, MM., And Dr. Paiman Rahardjo, MM each as Chief Commissioner and Commissioner. EGM also dismiss Ir. Dwi Antono, MSi., As President Director, and Andi Wibisono Patriota SE., MM, as Director Finance & General. "We thank them for their service to the Company," said Ahok.
Furthermore, the city government proposes to appoint a new board including Anton Lukmanto and the Young Marshal (Purn) Ida Bagus Anom, each as Chief Commissioner and Commissioner.

In addition, the city government also appoint Arief Adi Prasetyo, as President Director, Frans M. Tambunan as Director of Operations, and Thomas Hadinata as Director of Finance and General.


Ahok explained in his speech, the new management is valid for one period, starting from September 29, 2015 to September 29, 2019. "This provision is without prejudice to the right of the GMS to dismiss at any time," said Ahok.