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Synergies enterprises, between PT. Foodstation and PT. Jamkrida Jakarta

PT. Foodstation Tjipinang Jaya as manager Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang explore cooperation in the field of financing with PT. Penjamin Kredit Daerah Jakarta (Jakarta Jamkrida). Both sides expressed enthusiastic in this cooperation in order to develop their respective businesses.


In the socialization that takes place at the office of PT. Foodstation, September 4, 2015, President Director of PT. Jamkrida Jakarta, Chusnul Maarif said, Jamkrida Jakarta is enterprises that are engaged in credit guarantee for small and medium-sized businesses and cooperatives (MSME).


"The need for credit guarantees for small businesses such as rice trader the absolute. Especially, Management for the management of supply certainty to be strong, "said Chusnul.
President Director of PT. Foodstation, Dwi Antono justify the need for banks to access credit to obtain credit in the development of businesses owned traders. "I hope PT. Jamkrida could facilitate and provide credit privileges for traders, "said Dwi.
Dwi said, the credit is intended to help address the needs and lending for traders. "So far, the credit needs of small traders are usually obtained from wholesalers, who feared there are additional costs," he said.