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Food Station perform ceremony to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Proclamation of RI

PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya as manager Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang perform national flag raising ceremony in commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence at Pasar Induk Cipinang Field. The ceremony was held in commemoration of the 70th Proclamation of Independence, on August 17, 2015.


This ceremony was attended by all directors, managers, division heads and employees of PT. Food Station. A number of entrepreneurs and rice traders also participated to enliven the event. Acted as an inspector ceremony of President Director of PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya Dwi Antono.


70th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence this year was held under the theme National Movement Let's Work 70 Year Indonesian independence, with the sub-theme Let Enhance the spirit of hard work in charge of development to Indonesia more advanced, educated, healthy, cultured and dignified.


On that occasion, Dwi Antono as Inspector ceremony, read out the Message from the Governor of DKI Jakarta Basuki T. Purnama. In his speech, Basuki T. Purnama or Ahok known as greeting, said, independence mandate is to realize social justice for all Indonesian people, the values of anti-corruption, and work for the community.
"We should not forget the spirit of the Proclamation of August 17, 1945 that remain relevant to current conditions and future, and importance of realizing the improvement of the quality of Indonesian human life and the citizens of Jakarta, through the development of education in favor of the people," said Ahok, as presented Dwi Antono.
Therefore, Ahok called for the entire apparatus of the Government of Jakarta, the business community, and news of the capital to continue to work together, united, carrying out development in the economic, physical, social, educational, health, mental and spiritual, so the results are beneficial for all levels society.