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Foodstation expansion into Modern Market

PT. Foodstation Tjipinang Jaya as manager Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang continues to innovate in developing their business. During this time, Foodstation known as the manager of a wholesale market that rent out stalls, warehouses and rice transportation, whether in the city, between the islands and  provinces.


Now, the expansion of the business being conducted, One way is to develop and market the rice with the brand "FS". Beside intended to business expansion and reach communities, Foodstation also intends to get closer to the fulfillment of the needs of the wider community of quality rice.


Rice labeled "FS" can be found and obtained in a number of modern market outlets, such as Indomaret, Indogrosir, Superindo until the Giant supermarket. Foodstation also will continue to distribute quality rice products to a number of other modern outlets in the future.


Foodstation guarantee the quality of rice which they distribute. The price is relatively cheaper when compared to other similar rice Setra Ramos. For 5 kilograms of rice, consumers can get IDR 48,500. It shows that Foodstation is committed to providing quality of rice at affordable prices.