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The price and supply is not stable yet

Prices of basic commodities and vegetables at 10 days after Eid is not stable and tends to increase. On the retail level, prices of goods still relatively high.


Based on the monitoring Kompas in Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang, Wednesday, trader activity back to normal. Dozens of stall ranging crowded visited by buyers. Dozens of trucks are seen doing the activities of loading and unloading in front of the stall.


Head of Communication Section Pasar Induk Beras Cipinang Sugito Wibowo said market activity back to normal since Monday (27/7).


However, the supply is only increased by about 1,000 tons per day of supply is usually as much as 5,000 tons per day.

Although rice stocks are still far from normal conditions, Sugito ensure demand can still be met. Currently, the available rice stocks as much as 40,896 tons or 1,000 tons more than the total stock of last week, namely 39,263 tonnes, at the moment of Eid.


However, rice prices are likely to increase. For example, rice IR 1 up from last week's price of IDR 9,500 per kilogram (kg) to IDR 9,600 per kg, rice IR2 IDR 8,600 per kg to IDR 8,700 per kg, and IR3 rice IDR 8,100 per kg to IDR 8,200 per kg.


"The supply of rice is usually derived from Krawang. Maybe, prices will stabilize again next month," Sugito said. Rice prices rose in the last 2 days can not be separated from high demand markets around Jakarta. Although rice prices rise, stocks of rice secured until the weekend.


However, Sugito can not ensure the stability of rice prices at the retail level in the traditional markets. In Palmerah market, rice traders, Samidi, sell rice IR 1 for IDR 12,300 per kg and rice IR 2 for IDR 11,000 per kg.


"Many buyers complain. I can only say this is the dry season and many mills are not grinding the rice," he said. (Kompas)