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PT. Food Station received a working visit of Commission II DPRD Banten

Commission II DPRD Banten visited PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya, on 24 July 2015. The delegation, led by Hj. Rt. Ella Wurella who is also the Vice Chairman of Commission II intends to coordinate the management and distribution Rice Systems for the community. This visit was accepted by the board of directors and head of the division Foodstation.
"We hope that farmers have a foster father who could overshadow them. Hopefully be able to input and coordinate with relevant agencies, such as farmers and Gapoktan(farmer group union). We hope to cooperate with Foodstation, "Ella said in his speech. Meanwhile, Secretary of Commission II Saukatudin said farmer in Banten bothered by the middlemen, they controlled the farmers, giving the capital with force and fix the price.
Head of Cipinang Market Eri Muhtarsyid who also participated, said, Foodstation so far working with a number of areas in the archipelago. "Banten can also be a food buffer in Jakarta, so the results can not be taken by middlemen," he said.
Head of Information Foodstation Sugito Wibowo, said, Foodstation is currently building a warehouse receipt system (SRG) and was appointed as the manager of the warehouse receipt and manage all warehouse receipts throughout Indonesia, in cooperation with the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappepti).
"We act as a buffer stock, so our prices could become a national reference," he said. In addition, SRG system is also now beginning to be developed in Lebak and Pandeglang which was built by the government. SRG is able to collect and secure the agricultural products.