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Rice stocks for Eid in Jakarta Abundant

Jakarta has abundant availability of rice Food Ahead of Eid Mubarak 1436 Hijriah. President Director of PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya, Dwi Antono, said the city administration belongs enterprises engaged in the distribution of the rice, now has a stock of 43,000 tonnes of rice in their rice warehouse. This amount exceeds the amount of rice stocks in the same period in the previous year which only reached 23,000 tons.



"our rice stocks, more than sufficient, safe until Eid," said Dwi. It also ensures that food prices will always be controlled. The price of rice, is always set to be in the range of IDR 8,000 per kilogram.


Dwi said that the middlemen can not speculate and play the price. Food Station, although not yet received Government Equity (PMP) was promised, has been able to function as a regulator of commodity price of rice in the main market of Jakarta.


"We always make sure the rice supply is always sufficient. We master the market. The way is to cooperate and build a food area outside Jakarta. This will make the rice farmers get good prices, people also get a good sale price," said Dwi. (Viva.co.id)