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Status of Food Station turned into BUMD

foodstation menjadi BUMD

PT. Food Station Tjipinang is a company engaged in the distribution, sales, warehousing and transportation of foodstuffs (rice), and perform its functions ensure food security in the Jakarta area.

One of the legal basis for the establishment of local regulations (regulations) of enterprises PT. Food Station Tjipinang is Law 32/2004 on

Local Government, Law 40/2007 on Limited Liability Companies and PP 58/2005 on Regional Financial Management. De facto as the majority shareholder is the city government, PT. Food Station Tjipinang the enterprises, but not the de jure status of enterprises. Therefore, refer to the above regulations will require the provision of public enterprises through regulation status.

It is said Joko Widodo Governor in Council Plenary Meeting of Jakarta Submission answer governor general over view of the factions of the draft legislation on regional-owned enterprises (enterprises) PT. Food Station Tijipinang Jaya, and Submission of the governor's speech against the draft regulation on the Jakarta provincial budget fiscal year 2014, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at the Plenary Meeting of Jakarta Provincial Parliament.

Answering comments about the decline in corporate earnings over the period 2007-2011, the Governor Joko Widodo explained that it was due to a decrease in trading volume due to the glutinous rice import quota restrictions. He added that, although the condition of the existing business is now in a state of full capacity, to carry out the role of PT. Food Station Tijipinang Jaya as a buffer stock needed business development.

Jakarta Provincial Government agrees with the need for the development of food retail business by making regulations regarding prices and become a regional economic stabilizers in meeting the food needs of the community. For that we need a good synergy between PT. Food Station Tijipinang Jaya and PD. Pasar Jaya.

Associated with the budget 2014, Governor Joko Widodo said that the draft budget total revenue and expenditure (local budget) in 2014 reached 38.70 trillion, an increase Rp.69,50% compared to the budget changes in 2013 amounted Rp.50,10 trillion. Income areas planned for Rp.62,21 trillion or an increase of 53.07% from the budget changes in 2013 amounted Rp.40,64 trillion. Plan revenue comes from local revenue Rp.39,55 trillion, trillion Rp.15,27 equalization fund
and other legitimate income for Rp.7,38 trillion.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Parliament of Jakarta H. Ferrial Sofyan said in the introductory meeting, the Board would expect a draft regulation on city budget fiscal year 2014 will contain a series of activities that meet the interests and accommodate all citizens of Jakarta to the fullest. So that people can feel the increase in welfare through programs that directly touch the interests of the citizens of Jakarta, particularly the problem of traffic congestion, flood prevention, handling of hygiene, health and education. (Source: http://www.dprd-dkijakartaprov.go.id)