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pergudangan foodstation

Warehousing is a business unit of PT. Food Station, to make the Cipinang Primary Rice Market the largest, thus ensuring food security, stable quality and stable prices. Food Station offers warehouses that are rented by traders and distributors of rice and other commodities.


We own 104 Warehouse with a total area of 36.693 m2 and a total capacity of + -200.000 ton suitable for holding rice and other commodities.


We offer complete services, including a 24 /7 integrated security system and easy accessibility to loading and unloading facilities for rice and other commodities. We make it easy for you to store and distribute your foodstuffs by offering you a reliable and fully functioning system.


As a company with vast experience, we have a very professional team that surely understands your warehousing needs. Our warehouse rentals and services are all supported by experienced management and administration. We have many long time clients, among them large-scale national companies.  Among the benefits we offer are strategic locations that support your distribution, easy access to roads, guaranteed warehouse security and large parking lots. Most importantly, our warehousing pricing is very flexible.


To fulfill the need of our customers we offer warehousing facilities complete with management and administration services. We are supported by an experienced team. Our rental prices are very flexible and the facilities are secure. We also offer distribution services for your products throughout Indonesia. For pricing and other required information please contact our customer services:


For consultation or to request a price quote, you could contact our customer service at:

Phone - (+6221) 4897208 or 4718008
Fax - (+6221) 4717994 or 47865611
Email: pergudangan@foodstationjayakarta.com