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Food Station transportation services include Expediting services and Delivery of Rice and other commodities, all from a location in the Cipinang Primary Rice Market, with a reach extending to Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi and inter-island destinations. We have a fleet of 240 (2.5 ton) units for urban service and a fleet of 40 (10 ton) units for services outside the urban areas.

As a supplier of transportation services, Food Station always offers our best to fulfill your needs, especially in the supply of expedition services, Rice deliveries and deliveries of other commodities, supported by experienced professionals, a reliable and well-maintained fleet and a broad delivery area.   

For consultation or more information about our store services, please contact our customer service:

Phone – (021) 48977208 or 4718808
Fax – (021) 4717994 or 47865611
Email: ekspedisi@foodstationjayakarta.com