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Starting from high-quality rice seedlings and coupled with good planting techniques yields a high-quality rice, which is subsequently processed by rice millers using high-tech processes, all of which result in a high-quality milled rice. 


As a large-scale rice distributor, PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya fulfills the demand for rice, and as a company is also charged with safeguarding food security (through buffer stocks) and price stability in the Jakarta area. We obtain rice from every producing region of Indonesia. 


With affiliates throughout the archipelago, Food Station can supply high-quality rice with good nutrition and protein which is of great benefit to consumers. Supported by our own transportation fleet, Food Station can distribute rice throughout the Greater Jakarta area and can also work with expediters to distribute it to islands throughout Indonesia.



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 Peta Asal Beras / Paddy Source 
 Peta Distribusi Beras / Rice Distribution



Below are some of our top quality rice products with FS brand.  


Pandan Wangi Rice Cianjur RiceSetra Ramos RiceRojolele Rice